Between a Mother and her Daughter // Kennebunkport, Goose Rocks Beach Maine Family Photographer

A mother is a daughters best friend!

After a few years of living away from home Courtney moved back in with mom and dad.  For most people that would be a disaster, but not for her or her parents.  They are genuinely loving every minute of being together.  Rosemary and Courtney decided to take a little trip up the coast from New Hampshire to spend some more quality time together.  While staring at Courtney on the beach Rosemary began to tear seeing her late mother in Courtney’s eyes…  The beautiful almond shaped eye’s that captivated my lens also stole her mother’s heart again and again.  Beautiful Courtney wiping away her mother’s tears and looking fondly at her made it evident that they completed that special piece in each others hearts that only a mother and daughter bond can have.  5n6n13n17n24n25bwn26n27n33bwn34bw35n43n

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