Maine, We love You…

I am a wife, mother of 3, lover of music and I love winter time as much as I love summer time. I moved to the east coast two years ago this month from Salt Lake City, Utah for my awesome husbands job not knowing at the time how much I would fall in love with New England. So far I have met lifelong friends, I love the community I live in, Tyler is loving his job and my sweet kids are thriving in school and have made some great friends. I have been so blessed moving to the East coast.  Words cannot describe how lucky we are that we have been so loved and welcomed into a whole new culture.  Life has been so beautiful from the first moment we got to our new home.  Our neighbors are wonderful and they have ultimately been our family here in the East.  I have laughed and cried with them.  I know that God has truly blessed us and only made our lives more beautiful than it already was.  I know we moved here for a reason and that reason so far has been to strengthen my marriage and us as a family.  We have learned to rely on each other and be friends with one another.  My Andrew and Alex are best friends and they adore their little Katelyn.  She is their world.  They protect her and teach her everyday.  I thought I could never love Tyler more than I did the day I married him but I was so wrong…  He is the coolest most loving man I have ever known.  We do everything together.  He is and always will be my very favorite person…  He is my person!

What I have learned is that life is as simple or as complicated as you make it.  It is ultimately your destiny.  Every day you wake up and breath fresh air is a day that should not be taken for granted.  Life is full of surprises and the only way you discover them is to get out there and be vulnerable and try new, exciting things.

Thank you New England and especially Maine for making this the best two years of our family’s life together…  We love you!  To all of you who have been apart of making this process as beautiful and such an amazing transition we are forever grateful and can honestly say that we are never leaving.  This is our new home, our new heart and our new life!

– Tyler, Ashley, Andrew, Alex & Katelyn


Photography credit to the fabulous Cait Bourgault Photography



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