Missing my Favorite Time of Year // Cumberland, Maine Destination Photographer

Fall!  The most beautiful time of the year to me.  I love it for it’s warmth of the colors and sweet treats.  I have never seen a fall anywhere like I have in New England.  It is breath taking and so serene.  One of my most favorite things to do in the fall is going to the apple orchard and picking fresh apples right off the tree.  I love the freshly pressed apple cider.  I love love love all of the maple treats that come along with it all.  It is a time of year when God shows us the beauty of his earth.  The vibrance of fall with Mother nature is unlike any other season.  I am blessed to live in such a beautiful little town that embraces every minute and second of it.  This is a shoot that I did when we went as a family with some great friends to Orchard Hill Farm.  It was so much fun and we were able to create such great memories.  I am missing fall and never got the chance to blog it so I hope you enjoy it and feel the love that I have for this beautiful time of year here in New England!



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