Watson Family // Cape Elizabeth, Maine Family Photographer

I can’t even take the cuteness of this family.  They are the reason I love what I do.  I am so lucky to have some of the most amazing families to photograph.  This sweet family is from Utah just like myself.  Cameron and Abby met in college and are the sweetest couple.  I love how they are always sweet on each other and I love watching them love on their little Red.  He has the most amazing smile.  It is so contagious.  There were many times while processing these photo’s I would giggle to myself every time I saw his smile.  The sweetest smile.  Abby is such a sweet mom and adores that little man of hers.  Cameron loves getting Red to laugh.  He is so good at it.  Every time Red looked at his dad his eyes lit up.  I cannot say enough nice things about these amazing people.  I was honored they asked me to do their photo’s!  XO711131517192332333541434547515355

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