My Favorite Little Humans // Cape Elizabeth, Maine Family Photographer

My heart is bursting with love for these 3 people.  They are the loves of my life.  Becoming a mother was a dream and a blessing and lucky for me it happened 3 times.  Andrew is my oldest and my 1st love.  I will never forget feeling so overwhelmed with love the moment I heard his little cry for the first time.  He is such a sweet and compassionate boy.  He loves being the oldest and loves being the little man of the house.  He is in first grade and has his first crush with which I cannot talk about because it is a secret.  I love how he confides in me and is so confident in our relationship.  He is my first blessing.  Alex is my second child and he is my little handsome comedian.  When I found out I was pregnant with Alex I was so nervous that I could never love another child as much as I loved Andrew.  Needless to say I my love grew so much bigger and I was in love at first sight.  He was perfect.  At 6 weeks he fell down with an illness called RSV and stopped breathing on me while I was on the phone with 911.  It was the worst moment on my life.  We were in the ICU together for 14 days and Alex and I have a bond now that is unbreakable.  He brought Heaven to me that day.  I did not think as a mother I could make it through that.  I am so glad that he is okay and that I have my “little buddy”.  He has brought so much laughter and joy into our family and we could not be complete with out him.  Then there is our Katelyn.  She is our “Squishy”.  She is the light of our life.  She completed us.  My Katelyn is my tiny life long best friend.  I am so blessed that I was able to have a daughter and that I get to cherish sweet little memories with her.  She loves to dance and sing.  Her brothers are obsessed with her and protect her.  They love their little sister and she loves them.  She thinks Alex is so funny and laughs at everything he does and with Andrew she loves to snuggle.

Needless to say I am one blessed mommy.  I can’t get enough of these kids.  They have truly made my life better and they have given it meaning.  Enjoy!1

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